Self-initiated ventures are important to us. The process gives us insight and empathy for what it takes to get something off the ground. Challenging ourselves to think creatively outside of our day-to-day mindset helps us grow as designers and people.


Home School —

We created Home School to make branding more accessible and enjoyable for people from all walks of life, from small business owners through to creative professionals.

Home School is for people who want to better their branding knowledge. Online, you will find a workbook, materials and insights from us and some very clever contributors. In real life, we host talks and workshops to bring together a supportive likeminded community.

This is our way of giving back to the design community and helping our clients (and those who aren’t too) build brand smarts.


43 Derby Street —

Early in 2017, we launched 43 Derby Street, a shared workspace and flexible space for hire. Our vision for 43 Derby Street was to create a place to create, grow and collaborate and we’re proud to say we’ve achieved that. The upstairs shared workspace is home to 4 thoughtful small businesses who help each other to be better in business and life everyday. The downstairs space is a meeting place for community, often hired by local businesses for off-sites, workshops, talks and classes. In 2022, we parted ways with 43 Derby Street. It is now owned and run by Field Office Architecture.

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Basic —

In 2018, we ran a talk series called Basic. On the last Thursday of every month we invited a small group of people to come and converse with an inspirational business owner in a welcoming and warm space. The premise was to ask a “dumb” question (the ones we’re often afraid to ask) and discuss the valuable answers in an open forum.

Throughout the series we spoke with Maryanne Moodie (artist), Jo Hook (business mentor), Julie Doyle (bookkeeper) Fiona Killackey (coach), Laura Vickers (lawyer), Cassie Bone (Hound & Bone), Loretta Bolotin (Free to Feed) and Amy Malin (Modern Times). All of whom were incredibly generous and open, making us all that little bit more connected and wise.


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