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Brands are living things, they need regular care and attention.

Home School (a self-initiated venture) is for people who want to better their branding knowledge. Online, you will find a workbook, materials and insights from us and some very clever contributors. In real life, we host talks and workshops to bring together a supportive likeminded community.

In creating the Home School brand, we wanted to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and bring a sense of fun to design education. Making use of nostalgic typography, colours and paper, a friendly mascot guides the student through our workshop process in the comfort of their own home.

We hope that Home School makes branding accessible and enjoyable for people from all walks of life, from small business owners through to creative professionals.


Through our work, we come up against the same issue again and again. Many people don't really know what a brand is or what it's capable of. Home School is our way of giving back to the design community and helping our clients (and those who aren't) build brand smarts.


The Home School workbook is designed to help people explore branding from a new perspective. It contains a series of thoughtful and practical essays and exercises all designed to broaden and deepen brand knowledge and skills.


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Very big thanks to Spicers (paper), Bambra (print), Cinch (site build) and Jill Haapaniemi (photography).

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