We‘re for conscious progress. Through JAC& (and our ventures) we use creativity, good design and shared knowledge to lift business and community. We choose to work and create in spaces where we add value. From small business to government, we help people gain clarity through our strategically insightful approach.

We build and better brands through:

Workshops + Strategy

Our workshops are designed to help new and established businesses bring clarity to their brand foundations – purpose, character, position and story – the things that help you connect with your audience.

Design + Content

In launching or growing a brand, execution is paramount. We work collaboratively with you to take your brand to market in a considered way. Our skillset includes:

  • Graphic design
  • Content generation
  • Creative direction
  • Print design (anything from a business card to a billboard)
  • Digital design (from social media assets to web design)
Growth + Support

Brands are living things, they need regular care to be sustainable. To help you launch or grow your business, we offer ongoing support and strategies that align with your goals and budget.

To learn more about our approach, process and fees, book a 10 minute discovery call.


Founded in 2017, JAC& is led by Jacinta Lippold. More commonly referred to as Jac, she is passionate about design, people and business. Under her direction, JAC& have created and strengthened brands for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Everyone who works with or for JAC& shares a common goal; to do work that adds genuine value.

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